South County Youth Soccer

Contact Information:
730 Kingstown Rd, Box #11
Wakefield, RI, 02879
Phone: 401-782-8200 FAX: 782-8203

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SCYSC seeks to develop sportsmanship, sense of community, athletic skills, teamwork and confidence through the promotion and administration of the game of soccer among players of all ages. The club seeks to achieve this with nearly an entirely volunteer staff that donates over 10,000 hours a year. These volunteers provide the positive outlook that serves as the guiding principle for the development of our youth. In recognition of these wonderful individuals, SCYSC annually seeks out and recognizes those that have gone above and beyond to provide the best environment they can provide for our children, while still maintaining a tenable hold on their day jobs or studies. And while nearly impossible to recognize every individual at all levels every year, the volunteers represented below often represent years and years of outstanding support to the club and for which SCYSC is forever thankful.

Volunteer Hall of Fame

2008 Chuck Dawson

2009 Jim LaPointe

2010 Larry and Phyllis Fish

2011 Ed Irzyk

House League Volunteer of the Year

2008 Deb Fagan

2009 Janice Cardarelli

2010 Kathleen Gulla

2011 Ronnee Biafore

Travel League Volunteer of the Year

2008 Bob Berard

2009 Tim Hoyt

2010 Tom McCarty

2011 Mike McCabe

Club Volunteer of the Year

2008 Ted Sorlien

2009 Ted Sorlien

2010 Ted Sorlien

2011 Steve Washburn

Boys Player Volunteer of the Year

2008 Matt Floskis

2009 Thomas Higgins

2010 Matt Leonard Jr. and Scott Washburn

2011 Jack Leonard and Matt Leonard, Jr.

Girls Player Volunteer of the Year

2009 Chelsea Gates

2011 Molly Gagnon

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