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2013 Tournament Rules


All Seaside Classic soccer tournament games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game 2011/2012 (Blue Cover) published on 5 March 2011 by FIFA, with the following tournament additions and modifications.

This tournament has been organized to promote healthy competition between players of the game of soccer. It is hoped that all participants including the players, coaches and fans will join in the positive support of the referees and tournament officials. Coaches are reminded that they are responsible for behavior of their players, managers and fans.


The Seaside Classic is pleased to partner with AB Sports Zone as our Official Tournament Housing Coordinator. Teams using overnight accommodations are required to use tournament housing as a condition of participation in the Seaside Classic.


A certificate of insurance is required for any team not affiliated with US Youth Soccer, evidencing liability and player medical coverage. The minimum liability limits must equal or exceed $1,000,000.00 and the minimum excess player limits must equal or exceed $25,000.00.


Coaches and players must be properly registered with their state soccer association. Proof of player age and eligibility shall be by USYSA player pass only (a driver’s license or birth certificate, etc. will NOT be accepted). No player may register with more than one team or transfer between teams during the tournament. The maximum roster for any team playing in an 11v11 is 18 players and 3 coaches; for teams playing in a 8v8 division is 14 players and 3 coaches; for teams playing in a 6v6 division it is 14 players and 3 coaches. Rosters and player passes must be submitted at registration prior to commencement of the tournament. Teams’ rosters shall be frozen at the time of registration. Players are not allowed to be included on more than one roster and will be considered ineligible if said player is found to be 'dual-rostered'. Any team using an ineligible player shall be disqualified from the tournament and forfeit their registration fees.


Teams playing 11v11 must field at least 7 players within 5 minutes of the scheduled start of the game or they shall forfeit the game. Teams playing 8v8 divisions must field at least 6 players within 5 minutes of the scheduled start of the game or they shall forfeit the game. Teams playing 6v6 must field at least 4 players within 5 minutes or forfeit. Winners of forfeited games shall be credited with a 4-0 win.

Weather/Suspended Games

The tournament committee, South County Youth Soccer Club will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in part or in whole due to weather. In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee shall have the absolute authority to make decisions as follows:

  • Relocate/reschedule any game

  • Change the duration of any game

  • Determining the fitness of fields.

  • Scores of games suspended because of weather shall be final if the first half has been completed. The final score of such games shall be the score existing at the time of game suspension.

  • Games suspended in the first half - the committee will attempt to reschedule if conditions permit and if fields are available. The committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to suspended game rescheduling. Rescheduled games are considered new and begin with no score. Cancelled games will be recorded as tied 0-0, regardless of the score at the time of suspension.

Players' Uniforms and Equipment

Players must wear prominent numbers. Each player on the same team shall have a different number. In the event of similar team colors, the home team (the team listed first on the schedule) shall change colors. All player equipment is subject to the approval of the head referee for each game. Coaches are responsible for checking for proper shin guards and footwear. No jewelry or unprotected hard casts of any kind shall be allowed. Piercings, must be removed, not just taped. Medical Alert ID may be worn if taped securely.


Coaches, substitute players and spectators are required to remain one yard behind the touch line. Coaches and substitutes must also remain within ten yards of midfield. No player or coach may cross the midfield line to the side of the opposing team. Both teams shall be on the side of the field designated on the field map and on opposite sides of the midfield line; spectators must remain opposite the team side. No one is permitted to remain behind the end lines.

Passes at Start of Games

Before the start of every game the referee shall collect all of each team's player and coach passes. Passes will be returned at the conclusion of each game. However, if any player (coach) is ejected (dismissed) from a game, his/her pass will be retained by the referee and delivered to the venue Headquarters. Subject to the conditions indicated below, the coach of an ejected payer or dismissed coach may retrieve such pass at the conclusion of the team's next game.

Seaside Classic Substitutions (11 v 11, 8 v 8)

An unlimited number of substitutions are permitted. All substitutions must leave and enter the field of play, with center referee's permission, at mid-field on the team side:

  • Prior to a throw-in by possessing team or when the opposing team substitutes on its throw in

  • Prior to a goal kick by either team

  • After a goal is scored by either team

  • At half time

  • When the game is stopped by the referee due to an injured to a player that player must leave the field and both teams are allowed an unlimited number of substitutions

Rules for Games Played in U9 & U10 Format (6 v 6)

  • Each team shall field 6 players including a goal keeper with a minimum of 4 players required to play.

  • Games shall be played without offside restrictions.

  • After gaining possession of the ball with his/her hands, the goalkeeper may throw or punt the ball. The kicked or thrown ball must touch the ground or another player before crossing midfield. The penalty for noncompliance is an indirect free kick for opposing team from where the ball crossed the midfield line.

  • The penalty mark eight yards is from the goal line. All players except the kicker and the defending goal-keeper must stay behind the midfield line until the ball is kicked.

  • Free kicks include direct and indirect kicks. Except for penalty kicks, defenders must be at least 8 yards from the ball on free kicks.

Send Offs/Dismissals

Any player who is sent off shall not be allowed to participate in the next match of his/her team. At the discretion of the Tournament Committee, any deliberate serious foul, or any violent or unruly conduct by a player, coach or team may also result in the ineligibility of said individual(s) or team for the next game or more, including the remainder of the tournament, without refund of registration fees. Any dismissed coach shall be disciplined by not being allowed to participate in the next match of the team he/she was coaching at the time of the dismissal. The Tournament Committee, if it deems appropriate, may impose additional sanctions, including denying that coach’s involvement with any/all teams that he/she is involved with, for as much as the remainder of the tournament. If the sanction of a coach leaves a team without a documented coach available, only another individual bearing a current coaching pass for the same organization may request permission to coach the team during the disciplinary period. The tournament director reserves the right to disqualify any team, player, coach, manager or team official from the tournament for gross misconduct of its coaches, players, managers, officials, or fans.


All decisions by the referee are final and binding. There will be 1 referee for 6v6 games, and 1 referee and 2 assistant referees for 8v8 and 11v11 games.

Coaches, managers and team officials are not permitted on the field of play without the referee's permission. Any coach, manager or team official violating this rule is subject to disciplinary action by the referee and/or tournament director.


Protests will not be accepted and may not be lodged.


Coaches are responsible for the conduct of players and fans of their teams. Under no circumstances will harassment, intimidation or sarcasm directed at referees be tolerated. For any sportsmanship problems concerning coaches and/or spectators, the center referee is empowered to direct the offender(s) to leave the area. If the offender(s) fail to leave as directed, the referee shall terminate the game and report the incident to the Tournament Director, who shall award a 4-0 victory to the non-offending team. Coaches are also referred to the “Sporting Play” handout in their coach packet.

A sportsmanship award will be given to one team in each division. Referees evaluations will determine the team in each division that plays most fairly and best demonstrates the spirit of honor and grace on and off the field. Players, spectators, and coaches of teams are included in the evaluation.

Score Sheets

Both coaches are responsible for verifying the score by signing the referee's score sheet at the conclusion of each match. Failure to do so will negate any grounds for contesting an incorrectly posted score.

Ball Size/Length of Periods


Ball Size


Length of Games

Classic or Seaside U9 and U10


6 v 6

20 minute halves

Running time

No overtime periods

Classic or Seaside U11 and U12


8 v 8

25 minute halves

Running time

No overtime periods

Classic or Seaside U11 and U12


11 v 11

30 minute halves

Running time

No overtime periods

Classic or Seaside U13 to U19


11 v 11

30 minute halves

Running time

No overtime periods

Division Standings

Each competitive Division will have a winner who will receive an award based on the following point system. Teams shall be ranked in the standings by the number of points they have been awarded.

« 3 points shall be awarded for a win.

« 1 point shall be awarded for a tie.

« 0 points shall be awarded for a loss.

Total points earned shall determine final standings. No points or standings shall be maintained in the U10 and under divisions. In the event of a tie in the standings, the following criteria shall be employed to break the tie or to successively eliminate teams in a tie involving more than two teams.

1) Results of the tournament head-to-head game involving the two tied teams. If still tied then,

2) Goal differential (Goals for minus goals against, max 4 goals per game). If still tied then,

3) Most wins, if still tied then,

4) Goals against, (max 4 goals per game), if still tied then,

5) Goals for (max 4 goals per game), if still tied then,

6) Most shutouts, if still tied,

7) A coin toss.

In the event that more than two teams tie for first place, tiebreaker item 1 above will not apply.

Player Eligibility

All players must be born on or after the birth date for the age group classification noted below:

U-9: 8/1/03 U-14: 8/1/98

U-10: 8/1/02 U15: 8/1/97

U-11: 8/1/01 U16: 8/1/96

U-12: 8/1/00 U17: 8/1/95

U-13: 8/1/99 U19: 8/1/93

Alcoholic beverages

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on fields and parking areas.

FIFA Laws of the Game

The latest version of the Laws can be accessed at:

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