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Researching a Coach/Team


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            As with performing a college search, the same holds true for researching a coach or team.  First, establish parameters.  What are you looking for in a coach and/or team?  Do you want a coach that yells and screams or a more nurturing coach?  Do you want players that speak English, or very little English?


            One of the first things that you can do is go to the college website and click on athletics.  Pull up the team roster.  Take note of where most of the players on the team are from.  Are they all local?  From within a specific Region of the country?  From all over the United States or even foreign countries.  The make-up of the players on the roster will give you an indication of the coaches philosophy.  If you see players from all over the world, you can assume that the coach wants the best players possible and his priority is winning games.  If the players are local, wining may not be as big an issue, or the coach may not have the funds necessary to travel to recruit players.  This would be something that you would have to get a feel for during an interview with the coach.


            Another factor to consider is the teams win/lose record.  If the players are from all over the country and the win/loss record is not great, then you would have to look for other factors that may impact the quality of players the coach is able to recruit.  Maybe the school has high academics standards and they will not lower them for student athletes.  Perhaps the coach was newly, hired and his recruiting has not taken effect.  Again, these are things that you would need to determine through an interview with the coach.


            Also, look at the coaches biography.  Where has he coached?  What experience does he have?  Did he play in college?  If so, at what level?  Every college athletic website will normally give the coaches biography, along with his assistants.  Read them carefully, they probably will provide a lot of clues to what he is looking for.  If he came form a school that was known for players with speed, he will probably be looking for speed, etc.


            Lastly, and probably most importantly, go and watch a game.  Before you even talk with the coach, sit on the sidelines and watch a game.  Watch the coach how does he behave on the sidelines?  Do you see characteristics that you like?  Does he meet the coaching style that you like /want.  Does eh play many players, or just stick with the starters?  If possible, talk with players on the team.  Get their impression of the coach.


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