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College Planning Introduction


The <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />SCYSCCollegePlanningCenter is a Tool designed by the Club to help those members that would like to participate in collegiate athletics achieve their goal.  This tool will help you to find the right college/team, develop a sports resume, provide insight into some of the more important rules of collegiate athletics, and help you to market yourself to coaches, aid you in the admissions process and provide some basics on funding a college education.   However, do not make this your only resource.  This tool is not all encompassing; it is just a guide to help stimulate questions that are unique to each individual student athlete and their parents.  Gather your information carefully; then examine your options.  Playing at the collegiate level is something that will only be attained if the student athlete is willing to put forth the effort.  Very few college athletess are found and/or recruited.  Most are playing at the college level because they took the time and effort to market themselves and make coaches aware of their abilities.  Myth or Reality:  Only 2% of college athletes are actively recruited by college coaches, leaving the remaining 98% left to recruit themselves through self-directed efforts.  REALITY!!!!  And this is why we have created this tool for the 98%.

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            There is no substitute for starting this process early.  It is highly recommended that you start this process in your freshman year.  The more decisions you can make, early in your High School career, the more focused you can make your search.  Do not limit your college choices based on cost.  Despite the common belief that a private education is out of reach for the average family, there are many sources of aid available.  In addition, most private schools will have greater financial resources to fill the financial gap.


            Many professionals out there can guide you through the college and athletic process.  There are Certified College Planners and Athletic Recruiters that will/can help you along the way.  However, be cautious, ask questions and make sure you know what their fee includes before signing any agreement.


            If your priority is to play a college level sport, there is a school out there for you.  However, I would highly recommend that you chose a school based on academics, versus athletics.  Athletes get injured.  Your college athletic career could be over in a day/week/month.  Further, being a college level athlete does not mean you become a professional athlete.  The odds are your athletic career will end with college.

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