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Introducing the South County Soccer Academy (SCSA) for U6/U7


Written by: League Administrator
Tuesday, January 14, 2014

South County Soccer Academy (SCSA)

Ages: Birthdates 8/1/2006-7/31/2008

Program Focus: The SCSA offers our younger players (U6/U7) the opportunity to be exposed to a soccer environment that will enhance their skills and their approach to the game. The objective of the U6/U7 SCSA training is to provide our youngest players with an environment that promotes learning, creative thinking, problem solving, skill development and a love for the game in an age-appropriate, soccer environment.

Training Formats: SCSA is the transition between the recreational player and the competitive player. The program offers our younger players the opportunity to be exposed to a soccer environment that will enhance their skills and their approach to the game.

We have an age appropriate curriculum in place that will equip our players with the fundamental skills that they will carry with them as they grow and develop. For this reason, our focus for these ages is to develop the individual and small group skills of our players.

The 3 main components of our age appropriate curriculum are: 1. Technical 2. Agility, Balance and Coordination 3. Simple decisions – using games to teach format.
 Smaller sided games, under differing conditions promote the qualities that we are looking for in our youth players by allowing for more touches on the ball, more creativity with the ball and more individual problem solving in the game environment.

Training Dates: (8) training sessions (1) day per week for 1 hour at Peace Dale Mill Complex 1425 Kingstown Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879 starting Wednesday on January 22, 2013. Times will be between 4:30-5:30

Fee Structure: $95 includes 8 training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)Who is eligible for the Academy? Players with birthdates between 8/1/2006-7/31/2008.

2)Is there a cap on the size of the Academy class? Yes, in order to ensure high quality instruction to all participants, the Academy class will be limited to 25 players, with as close to an equal balance between male and female players as possible.

3)Why the Academy program? The Academy approach is recommended by both the US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer, the national organizations governing youth soccer in the United States. At the youth level, according to US Youth Soccer, the two biggest factors in influencing the early development of soccer players are the quality of coaching and the “culture” of the soccer program. The Academy program ensures *all* players are exposed to coaches with the appropriate level of experience and qualifications and given the same training curriculum. Also, the Academy places priority on the individual development of players and seeks to remove the unintended pressures that a focus on “winning games” can have on young players. In order to develop confidence in their abilities, players need an environment to take risks and apply what they are learning in a match-like setting. A focus purely on team results tends to inhibit, not increase, player development.

4)So what about teams like in the past? The Academy program is NOT a refusal to recognize the social benefit of team identity or team-building that can be a great childhood experience. The Academy program will help as the Academy is a larger TEAM that enables players to train, compete and socialize with a larger group of players; build more friendships and increase their group of friends; compete with and learn from the other players that comprise the Academy Program.

5)I want to coach in the competitive soccer program, how do I get that opportunity? The Academy program is also a coaching developmental program! Recreational coaches who want to become competitive coaches in the future can sign up to be become Academy volunteers under the direction of the Academy Director and instructors. This enables you to learn how to teach technical skills, how to run training sessions, gives you time to get your coaching education/licenses, and exposes you to more of the players in the club. During the Academy program, adult volunteers will be assigned teams to coach during the indoor and outdoor seasons; however, as mentioned earlier, the composition of teams may change on a periodic basis to ensure players of similar physical and technical abilities play together to promote the optimal developmental environment.

6)Can my child play in the Academy program AND the Recreational or Competitive program at the same time?

The Academy does not affect the Recreation Program. The Academy runs during the winter months.

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