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Coaches' Response to Sandy Hook Tragedy


Written by: Ted Sorlien
Thursday, January 24, 2013

The following are exerpts from the Travel Coaches Meeting Minutes of the 19 December 2012.  An interesting read to show how we are looking to contribute..<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


1. We started the meeting tonight with a call for a moment of silence for the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown CT, their families, friends, neighbors, first responders and the members of the Newtown Soccer Club. A lot of those innocent children were youth soccer players, their older brothers and sisters are players, their moms and dads are the coaches and Newtown SC volunteers. 


The SCYSC will be reaching out to the Newtown SC to let them know that were are thinking of them at this very sad time. We will be asking them for some information about what they have in place for scholarship programs. The SCYSC has committed $250 to be sent down once we get some details from their club. One of our girls teams is already taking up a team "donate what you can collection" and will be sending it down to the club along with a card signed by the team. For any and all of you that are looking for any way to to help the town of Newtown we would like to encourage you all (SCYSC coaches and teams) to look do the same (take up a collection and send a card). Soccer will never be the same for their town and club. It may be many years from now but we can all only hope that the game of soccer and our contributions to their scholarship program will make even a small amount of a positive difference in any kid's life in their town. We will also reach out to SRI to ask them to put this out to all of the soccer clubs in RI as well and encourage them to ask all Region 1 programs and beyond to do the same. Please vist the Newtown SC website here - 


2. This week is a huge (so close to home) reminder that we all need to keep our soccer hearts in the right place. This is all about the kids. Let them play. Let them learn. Let them have fun. Let the game be the best teacher. Teach them to learn to love the game for life. It took me18 years of playing and coaching to learn the best lesson. Here or there soccer is soccer - green grass round ball... play on.


3. Mill rules (lots of them). Please remember that when your field time is up that the next team is ready to run. When your time is up, it is time to move out so they can move in. Please respect all of the many mill training facility rules (pick up all trash, no soccer outside of the netted and turfed playing area, stay off the RC race track and away from any of the misc. Extreme Complex equipment). Look for some new signage to be put in place shortly. 


4. Speaking of the Extreme Complex.. Due to the horrific tragedy last Friday In Newtown CT we talked tonight about educating any new parents about the SCYSC mill training center neighbor. Please make sure your parents (especially the new ones) know about the services and products offered in the Extreme Complex facility so there are no surprises for any one. All can see the RC Race Track from the training center but a lot of people have never been in to the sales room and competition area next door. They offer a huge line of very realistic looking guns (airsoft, re-ball and paint ball). Supporters of the business are often in camouflage and getting their gear ready in their back staging area. There is a fire exit (and an entrance) for us there so the doors will always be open. Please look to visit their website here at so you know exactly what they are working with. Lenny (the owner) is a great guy and he has been very kind to the SCYSC coaching staff. If you have any questions I am sure that he would be glad to talk to you.     


5. SCYSC club pride - lets all work very hard to make sure that when we represent the SCYSC that we do it with our best foot forward. In or out of uniforms we all represent the club and each other. Let common sense, decency and good will prevail and be what we are known for. Lets not be known for being sore losers, any bad attitudes, any loud mouths or disrespectfulness. Lots of high fives and thank you's from the kids to the pro coaching staff will go a long way.  


6. Bill Pizzoli talked up the "never too early to ask for help with the SCYSC Seaside Classic Tournament Operating Committee Group (SCYSCSCTOCG)" speech. The Seaside Classic is always looking for a few great men and women to get on board. Coach Cari Gutelius (see below) asked about looking to see if we can extend a hand here to any Newtown SC teams that may want to come up and play Seaside.


Please find below here a note from one of our own girls team coaches (Cari Gutelius) regarding her connection to Newtown CT (her hometown) and the Newton SC (her youth soccer club).


I am originally from Newtown and spent my elementary years at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I also spent my youngest soccer days as a member of the Newtown Soccer Club. They host a wonderful Memorial Day Soccer Tournament and would love to see some of us attend. However, I honestly have no idea how competitive the tournament still is. My parents still live in Sandy Hook and I will he heading home for Christmas.  If there is any way I can help facilitate a connection between us, please let me know. My parents are still very active members of their community and I'm sure they would also love to help.


Cari Gutelius 

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