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GPS Launches Rhode Island Premier Soccer


Written by: Graham Munro
Friday, July 6, 2012

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GPS Launches Rhode Island Premier Soccer

Partnership with South County YSC to anchor programming in southern Rhode Island

Waltham, 25th April 2012; Rhode Island Premier Soccer (RI Premier Soccer) has become the latest addition to the Global Premier Soccer (GPS) network that includes franchises in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Florida and Vermont.

Launching programming will be an exclusive partnership with South County Youth Soccer Club (SCYSC) in Southern Rhode Island. SCYSC provides recreational and competitive playing opportunities for over 800 players, primarily from South Kingstown, between the ages of 4 and 18.  SCYSC is one of the most successful town associations in Rhode Island and had five State Cup finalists in 2011.

RI Premier Soccer will implement a new club curriculum within SCYSC in addition to coach education programs and a School of Excellence (SOE) for players aged U8-U12.

"South County is already respected as a leader in the Rhode Island soccer landscape," said GPS Director of Marketing Gavin MacPhee.  "We hope to further South County's brand and raise the level of player development by combining resources and creating new programming across Southern Rhode Island, starting with our SOE program."

The SOE Program was launched by GPS founding organization Massachusetts Premier Soccer (MPS) and currently has over 1100 players enrolled in the program in MA.  The SOE program unique in terms of full-time licensed professional coaches conducting a club wide structured curriculum.  The SOE program is designed to supplement, as opposed to replacing, local club and recreational programs. The success of the MPS SOE program has been highlighted by the production of two national team/pool players in recent years.

"We look forward to associating with RI Premier Soccer," said SCYSC President Andy Curtis.  "It was evident from our early meetings that we shared the same vision for player development and values as to how we educate our players and we look forward to implementing programs for the betterment of youth soccer in Rhode Island."

For more information on Rhode Island Premier Soccer (RIPS) please visit or contact GPS Marketing Director Gavin MacPhee on 781-891-6900 or

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