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Peacedale Facility Rules


Written by: League Administrator
Friday, January 28, 2011

These fields at Peacedale Mills are an integral part of an expanded training program for SCYSC.  Following these rules and making sure these rules are followed is part of each coach's responsibility.

1.No cleats,indoor turf shoes,or boots of any kind.Use sneakers or flat sole indoor soccer shoes.

2. No food or drinks or gum on any turfed surface.All rehydration during practice sessions must be done in the loading area on the North side of the field.

3. Entrance to the field can be done by the Extreme Door on the East side of the building or the main entrance by the Kenyon Store on the West side of the building.There is a new entrance to the turf field.This side has more parkingand is an easier entrance..

4.We are going to try loading and unloading from the back of the fields so players will need to proceed to the back of the fields.

5.No kicking,bouncing of balls until you enter the fields at your allotted time.

6.Please move on and off your field in an orderly and timely manner.

7.Stay away from the racetrack and paintball inflatables,and paintball equipment .

8.Bathrooms are located in te back left hand corner of the field.Again coaches we need to keep these from getting trashed.

9.Your players can not enter the airsoft field at anytime.No fooling aroung here.Airsoft players are properly suited with masks etc to lay games.Soccer players are not.

10.Initially you will need to bring your own balls,cones ,discs etc.We are working on a suitable inventory to keep there 11.There is an office which coaches and trainers can use in the loading area.

12 We plan to have a first aid kit there and at the front desk 13.There will be additional training fields available for training birthday parties etc.Soccer prices will be at $50 per hour for each field. See the Extreme front desk for field availability.

14.Lenny is the facility manager,So he doesn't have to deal with a mass of people, Tom McCarty is your go to ,if he is not aroundPaul livingston and Tammi Granville are available.Andy C is available ,but I am doing some travelling in the winter.

15. There is no warm up area so don't ask or try.

16.Be aware of all emergency exits and let your team know where they are.We want to exit outside as orderly as possible.It is not suggested that you go through the mill central core to get to the west parking area in case of a fire.Will review further.

17.Let's keep th facility clean,orderly,and safe....

Any questions, please ask!

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