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"Must Read" for Coaches: Sports Related Concussion Information


Written by: League Administrator
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Coaches and Parents,

Please download and read the following presentation by Dr. Peter K. Kriz, MD located on the Soccer RI website (link provided below).  This presentation provides details of the new Concussion law effective July 7, 2010 with the main provision applying to school districts and athletes age 19 and younger, requiring players to be removed from games/practices if suspected of having a concussion.  This also requires that the player receive a physician's written authorization to return to practice/games.

It's important to note "Purposeful heading is NOT a common cause."  Players most often receive concussions from:

 1. collisions with another player

 2. goal post, ground, or other objects

 3. struck in head unexpectedly by ball forcefully from close range


This information is a "must read" for all coaches and parents of athletes.


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