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Want To Be A Referee? Frequently asked questions...


Written by: Najih Lazar
Friday, January 28, 2011

Want To Be A Referee? Frequently asked questions...

1. Who Can Become A Referee?
Anyone who enjoys soccer
Its never too late to start
A number of referees are still jogging around the soccer fields well into their sixties.

2. Requirements?
Reasonable level of fitness
Eyesight (with glasses or contacts) Can you see the sun?
Sense of humor

3. Whats Good About Refereeing?
Its rewarding
Its challenging
You learn life skills
Develop self confidence
Contribute to sport
Make money 

4. Isnt It Difficult?
Youve played the game
Youve watched the game
Is it fair?
If it isnt then blow your whistle
Is it nasty or dangerous or reckless?
If it is then you blow your whistle and show them your cards

5. How Do I Become A Referee?
The Grade 9 clinic is 6 hours long, and is usually done over two 3-hour sessions. The Grade 8 clinic is 10 hours long, and is done either in four 2.5-hour sessions or in two 5-hour sessions                                                                                Classes covers the basic Laws of the Game, referee movement and positioning, acting as an assistant referee, player management and identification of common fouls.

6. Are There Tests?
Yes. At the end of the course you will answer a multi-choice, written paper, which asks you to decide what you
would do if you were the referee in a game.

7. Is There An Age Limit?
You may take a course and qualify as a youth referee at 11.
There are plenty of opportunities to referee younger age groups and house league

8. What Will It Cost Me?
If you are affiliated with the South County Soccer Club, the club will pay for the class. 

9. Is There a Career Path?
From local parks to FIFA; council grounds to great stadiums
Lynn Fox from New Zealand began because her sons team needed a referee at one game. 
Eight years later she was refereeing at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

10. What are the basic beginner Referee Clinics?

Answer: There are two beginner Referee Clinics:
United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Grade 9 Associate Referee
United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Grade 8 Referee

A Grade 9 Associate Referee can officiate local games as a referee (with a whistle) for age groups up to and including Under-14. This person can also officiate competitive games (such as SuperLiga) as an assistant referee (with a flag) for age groups up to and including Under-14.

A Grade 8 Referee can officiate any youth games as either a referee or an assistant referee.

11. Is there any pre-registration necessary for these clinics?

We now have PreRegistration Form to (hopefully) make both the student's lives and the instructor's lives easier.  Go to

12. What happens after I complete a clinic?

Once you are registered as an official, you will be added to a database of officials. From that point, referee Assignors in your area will contact you to see if you are available to officiate games.

13. When and where are the next clinics?




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