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SK Girls Div. I State Championship Final vs. La Salle


Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, November 13, 2008

The SK Girls Varsity Soccer Team will face LaSalle for the Division I RI State Championship Title this Saturday (1:00) at Pierce Field in East Providence. If you have the time please try to come up to support the Rebels. There are 10 seniors on this team and it would be great to send them off with a big show of support from the South. All of the rest of the girls on this team deserve our support as they say goodbye to the seniors and prepare to step up into the drivers seat.

Almost every single one of these girls on this team has been a member of the SCYSC. These girls (with love and support from their families, coaches and fans) have dedicated themselves to the game of soccer. Just what does it take to get to this level? I will try but I know this list will only scratch the surface. - To start with - 10 to 12 years of suiting up and getting onto a soccer field. Wearing out a dozen (maybe more) pair of soccer cleats. At this level you can forget about trying to think about how many hours a player has devoted to training and playing games and think more along the lines of how many months and years have been put on the field with a ball at the feet (indoor and outdoor). Working out (over and over and over again) the attention to the smallest of details at home in the back yard . The time alone devoted to the skills foundation being completely mastered by U-14. Strength and conditioning with professional trainers. Watching other soccer games live and on TV. A lot of hard work. A great attitude. A great sense of humor. A bunch of cross training. A lot of blood, sweat and tears. This is the level of soccer that we hope all of girls will play up to and will carry them to collegiate soccer. Soccer is a game that can be played for a life time. We are working to keep our girls in it for all of the right reasons. Our goal is to take this group to that level and have them still come back for more. We can (with the love and support from the families and fans) create a soccer culture that will span generations.

To all of the SK girls this final vs. LaSalle Saturday is the World Cup Final. Go South. Go Rebels. Good luck.

If you come bring your pots and pans (noise makers of any kind) and join the fun.

Directions to Pierce Memorial Field:

From 95 South - Take 195 East in Providence to Warren Avenue (Exit 5). - Take left at stop sign. - Go 1/4 mile and take a right onto Lyon Avenue. - Go 1/2 mile and Pierce Field. Pierce Field if located on Mercer and Lyon Street, East Providence, Rhode Island, 02914.

Ted Sorlien and Steve Russell--We will gladly make room for any kids that want to come and need a ride up and back. Ted


On a side note the SK boys got knocked out of play with a 4-3 semi-final loss to the Barrington Eagles Tuesday night at the Cranston Stadium. The SK boys had a great run. Look for them next year in the final for a win.

RI Division I State Championship final LaSalle vs. Barrington - RIC Sun. 2:00

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