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August DirectKicks Newsletter


Written by: Editor: Dave Lavallee
Monday, August 25, 2008

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Direct Kicks Newsletter

Aug. 7, 2008

Dave Lavallee



            Welcome to our fourth edition of the Direct Kicks. This months headlines feature the clubs great success at the Seaside Classic, Rhode Island Super Liga team sportsmanship awards and recommended reading for parents with kids in sports. Enjoy the rest of the summer.


Seaside Classic 2008 a rousing success


            With three South County Youth Soccer Club teams capturing first-place honors, six notching second-place finishes and five teams winning sportsmanship awards, the 2008 Seaside Classic held July 12 and 13 was one the clubs most successful ever.

            Hosted by the South County Youth Soccer Club, the event drew 166 teams and 3,000 players to fields in South Kingstown and North Kingstown.

            The South County Clippers nailed down the title in the U14 Boys Seaside division with a 4-0 record, beating four strong teams from New York.  In the U12 Girls Seaside 8v8 division, the Hurricanes took top honors with a 3-0 record, and in the U12 Girls Classic Division, the Sparks nailed down the title with a 2-1-0 record. Each team was honored with the Sovereign Bank Award. Rosters for each championship team are as follows:

            South County Clippers: Christopher Berard, Zachary Campo, Michael Congdon, Seth Curtis, Mathew Gilbert, Connor Hagerty, Thomas Higgins, Eric Ims, Taylor Keith, Robert Lavallee, Dylan McCarty Ryan Sherman, Rodrigo Pires, Kevin Stone, Zachary Tracy, Thomas Weeden. Coaches, Andy Curtis and Bob Berard, assistants, Dave Lavallee and Bob Gulla. Team manager Julie Sharpe.

            South County Hurricanes: Elecia Cardarelli, Olivia Dodd, Brighid Kathleen Donnelly, Jessica Fontana, Mariclaire Gulla, Madeline Hagerty, Brooke Livingston, Mary Matthews, Natalie Meyer, Alexandra Mignanelli, Zoe Sorlein and Shannen Wallace. Coach Paul Livingston and assistants Franco Fontana and Bob Gulla. Team manager, Cynthia Hagerty.

            SouthCounty Sparks: Amy Bannon, Courtney Corvese, Katrina Gallogly, Chapin Graham, Mayli Keefe, Samira Lazar, Lilly McCaughey, Shealyn McDonald, Julie Munkelwitz, Kelly Pizoli, Kelly Reiss, Katherine Rishton, and Mary Rosa. Coaches Liz Reiss and Najih Lazar, and assistant, Gavin Keefe.

            Winners of the second-place Arnold Lumber Award were: Blaze, U13 Boys Seaside; Sanddawgs, U17 Boys Seaside, Seadogs, U19 Boys Seaside; Strikers, U12 Girls Seaside, 8v8; Sharks, U17 Girls Seaside; and Storm, U19 Girls Classic.

            The six SouthCounty teams selected for the divisional APC/MGE Sportsmanship Award were: Mavericks, U12 Boys Seaside, 11v11; Sharks, U16 Boys Seaside; Seadogs, U19 Boys Seaside; Shooting Stars, U13 Girls Classic; Lady Strikers, U14 Girls Classic and the Pumas, U12 Girls Classic Division, 8v8,

            I offer heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to our all professional trainers, travel coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, players and parents for completing a highly successful season and for their extraordinary efforts, said Andy Curtis, Seaside Classic director.

        I have been involved with the Seaside since its inception more than 17 years ago, and for many years we rarely had teams even competing in the highest brackets. For many years we were lucky to have our teams even place in the top three places in any division. Our only chance was often getting the sportsmanship award.

My how things have changed! Nine first- or second-place finishes, seven of those in the Seaside (top) division and six sportsmanship awards.

         Curtis said at the state level, 12 teams played in the state semi-finals. Numerous teams played up in age groups. Six teams played in state regional cup competition, and two squads traveled to Maine to play for a chance at the national title.

            Jay Primiano, Seaside tournament manager; said the tournament was a complete success on many fronts.  The tournament provided a competitive tournament that helped to strengthen the players and coaches significantly.  Seaside 2008 helped the club to see gains in our overall organizational planning.

 Seaside is an experience that is unique to the fabric of our club, steeped in family tradition, arousing our instinctual needs as human beings to come together for a common cause, Primiano said.

South County Youth Soccer Club President Jim LaPointe thanked the  

players, parents, and volunteers for making this year's Seaside another success. Much work goes into an event of this size and it takes a dedicated team.

 It is great to see so many friends and family pull together to make this happen.


Jay and Shirley win high praise


            Jay and Shirley Testa, our office manager, also received several kudos from our guests. Heres a great letter from Cranstons League for Cranstons Future (CLCF).

 Just wanted to send you a note regarding the Seaside Tournament.    We had a wonderful time; it was an excellent tournament.  We had many tournaments to choose from and we are very happy that we chose the Seaside.

 We were happy with our second-place finish in the U12 girls 8v8, and my

Girls LOVED the surf board awards, very different.  The only downside to the weekend was one of my players broke her ankle Saturday afternoon in our

Second game.  Unfortunately, injuries are unavoidable and can happen at any

time, but she showed up Sunday to support her team.

Again, thanks for a wonderful experience this weekend.



Tony Cattani

CLCF Soccer Club


Four SouthCounty teams winners of

R.I. Super Liga Team Sportsmanship Awards


            The club is proud to announce that it has four recipients of the Rhode Island Super Liga Team Sportsmanship Awards.


 The teams are as follows:


            U12 Girls, Gold Division, South County Strikers  India Aitkenhead, Ella DeMarco, Mary Eden, Alyson Fairbrother, Olivia Finnegan, Grace Keating, Britney Laraway, Stephanie Laraway, Katelyn Marcellino and Rachel Murphy. Head coach Katie Laraway, assistant Scott Marcellino and team manager, E. Tracey Fairbrother.


            U12 Boys, Classic Blue, South County Mavericks Donovan Blanpied, Graeme Brown, Matthew Dunn, Brian Flood, Erik Franklin-Silva, Ian Hall, Andrew Kyhos, Nicholas Laudati, Alex Mason, Teal Migliaccio, Benjamin Nozzi, Charlie Santos, Mark Sherman and Luke Underhill. Head coach Peter Blanpied and assistansts Peter Migliaccio and Joel Brown.


U14, Boys Anchor Division, South County Tornadoes --Jack Blessing, Jordan Damicis, Sean Gorman, Bryce Kelley, Nathan Lessard, Dan Maghini, Colin McCarty, Remy Meyer-Eisendrath, Matt Murano, Sheamus O'Rourke, Joey Palombo, Ben Pesante, Tim Puterio, Jon Sigal, Sam Torrejon, and Scott Washburn. Coaches:  John Murano and Peter O'Rourke.


U19 Girls, South County Storm Cassie Albergaria, Amanda Amaral, Meredith Atkinson, Maria Bedell, Stephanie Borges, Alison Buxton, Emma Clavet, Meghan Crawford, Adriana Ferreira, Laura Flanagan, Nicole Galle, Kristen Gencarelli, Alicia Grenier, Sara Kinslow, Sara Lazar, Alexandra Marcello, Katrina Marques, Amanda Resendes, Brittany Resendes, Angela Rocha, Sarah Taddei, Kaley Turner and Stephanie Estacio. Head coach Alan Albergaria and team managers Joseph Amaral and Henry Galle


Parents, coaches encouraged to read

sports parenting guide


            The clubs facilities director, Murray Gates, highly recommends that all parents and coaches read the Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting. Go to

 ( for the new encyclopedia written by Dan Doyle, executive director of the Institute for International Sport at the University of Rhode Island. I have not yet read the book (just reserved copy from the public library) but have corresponded with Dan in the past related to questions on the topic of sports parenting and club sports.  I have a feeling that my reaction after reading the book will be to make this required reading for our parent/coaches!"

 The beauty of The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting is that it is as sensitive as it is comprehensive. Any father or mother with a child athlete can find both wisdom and guidance in Dan Doyle's book. The work is especially valuable, I believe, because it is as thoughtful in dealing with the ethics of sport from someone who cares about them, as it is in offering simple, down-to-earth practical advice from someone who understands the territory so very well.

-Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated


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