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Written by: Ted Sorlein
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Recycling collection information for the South County Seaside Classic July 12th and 13th (multiple venues Southern RI) 
To all coaches, managers, players, families and soccer fans,
The South County Youth Soccer Club is very pleased to announce that the South County Seaside Classic will once again be partnering with the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation ( in handling our recyclables at our multiple soccer tournament venues.  At all of our field sites we will have clearly labeled trash cans (for trash) and recycling collection bins (for recyclables).  With your help we hope to recovery and divert as much recyclable materiel as we possibly can.    It is extremely important for all of us to step up and do what is right in the name of reduce, recycle and reuse.  Most of us are recycling at home and in our work places.  Just because we are out and enjoying the open soccer fields does not give us the day off from recycling.
Do it for the kids (our future).  The most important part of this recycling program is to show (educate) our kids how important this is (and how easy it is).  Someday (soon we hope) all of our recreation facilities will be recycling friendly.  Too many times have we seen our parks trash cans overflowing with recyclables.  
Feel free to self police the trash and recycling containers.  If you see someone about to throw a recyclable material into the trash kindly encourage them to recycle (show them how and where).  Obviously (please) no trash in the recycling collection containers.  We would also encourage all of you to consider forgoing altogether the use of "one time" water and sport drink bottles in favor of a more eco friendly re-useable beverage container.  Our RI Central Landfill is overflowing with Poland Spring and Gatorade bottles. 
This is not rocket is recycling 101:  Drink beverage of choice...find recycling container...give empty beverage a good upside down shake to fully empty any in recyclying!  
Thank you in advance for supporting our recycling efforts.  If you have any questions please contact our Seaside Classic Recycling Coordinator Ted A. Sorlien @ 451-2688 or  If you have any questions on the fields at the Seaside Classic July 12th or 13th please ask any of the many on site volunteers for assistance. 
Last year was a huge success (see photos).  This year (with your help) we hope to do even better.   

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