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Life saved at BRMS


Written by: Ted Sorlein
Thursday, June 19, 2008 all we have to live on earth...
At the BRMS soccer fields on Tuesday, May 13th at 7:30 pm the SCYSC U-10 teams were just wrapping up their training sessions.  Frantic yells (screams) for help from the furthest south tennis court broke the usually peaceful post practice cool down.  "Help us please...does anybody know CPR...are there any doctors here...please help... somebody please call 911".  Without hesitation 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 people took off running across the soccer fields to see who could help and how.  The SCYSC would like to formally thank the soccer parents and coaches who stepped up to help out this person in great distress (collapsed on the court / not breathing / no pulse).  The immediate actions and administration of CPR by Dave Armstrong with support from Billy Gonsalves, Brian Gaudette, coach Dr. Bob Conte and Mike Audette saved this woman's life.  When a life was on the line these people jumped into action.  To remain calm and focused in such a situation is an amazing feat in itself.  Emotions and adrenaline levels were, as one can imagine, extremely high.  SC paramedics arrived as fast as they could to take over and prep her for transport.  She went from the BRMS tennis courts to SC Hospital, was later transferred to RI Hospital for a couple of weeks and finally to a rehab center in North Smithfield.  She was in a pretty tough way for a many days.  As days turned to weeks she made great progress.  Today (we are very happy to report) she is home and well on her way to what we all hope will be a full recovery.  Again, great job to all who saved this life.  Dave Armstrong called it "fate" that he was there and could help.  To all who helped in anyway ( saved) you are all heroes and heroes deserve to be recognized.  Well done to all. 
Unknown to any of us the tennis league has an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in the shed at BRMS.  After Dave Armstrong found out about it he later told us the he would have ripped that shed apart with his bare hands to get to it had he known one was even there on site.  This info brought up these thoughts.  Are there other AED's out there?  If so where are they?  Who has access to them?  Do we (SCYSC coaches) have access to them?  Is there one at Tuckertown?  If not...why not?  Should our SCYSC coaching staff be required to be CPR and first aid certified?  Can we get the coaches together to do it and maybe get a group rate?
Did any of you take a CPR class 15 years ago?  No good.  What was learned at that 1 CPR class long ago is out the window (outdated).  Go get certified (re-certified) now.  The YMCA holds classes.  SC Hospital does too.  No excuses get it done.  If you are not CPR certified now is the time to get it done.  
Hopefully all of you who read this will get CPR certified sooner than later and even more so, hopefully you will never have to use it.  Please encourage others to become CPR certified.
Stories like this are the reason we all love and live in South County.  We are here for each other when it counts.  Go South.

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